Meet the Team

The word team gets thrown around a lot! Here at home loan hub we are focused on a highly collaborative environment, with multiple viewpoints and expertise contributing to getting the best result for you.

Adrian Smith
Mortgage Broker

Adrian is a specialist in obtaining funding for the self-employed, having owned and operated several businesses over a 30 year career and cofounding Home Loan Hub with Pete in 2019. Adrian loves the strategy of structuring a loan for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Adrian’s sense of humour can be an acquired taste; ranging from the wildly inappropriate to bad “Dad” jokes. Out of the office Adrian can be found hitting golf balls into trees and swearing to himself.

Peter Mayhew
Mortgage Broker

Pete started working as a mortgage broker in 2016 and cofounded Home Loan Hub in 2019 with the vision of bringing a trusted and approachable brokerage to the Macarthur region.

Out of the office Pete loves to jump on his bike and go for a ride or relax with a rum.

Jackie Collins
Mortgage Broker

Jackie has been working as a mortgage broker since 2014 and is passionate about helping people achieve their goals. She loves working with the team at Home Loan Hub.

When Jackie’s not working she is relaxing with family and friends enjoying a wine and a chat.

Megan Durer
Loan Processor

Megan is an established member of the Home Loan Hub team, with a keen eye for detail she specialises in reviewing and verifying your loan applications to ensure accuracy and compliance. She will ensure your loan application run smoothly start to settlement!

In her spare time Megan enjoys spending time with her family both at home and on family camping trips. Megan also volunteers her time to teach dance to young girls, which she finds rewarding when she sees the girls achieve their goals.

Amy Burns
Administrative Assistant

Amy joined the team in 2024 and brings a high level of organisation to the office. She will be your first point of contact and will be the person hassling you to get every single document back to us before our application can be lodged.

Out of the office Amy likes to spend time with her young family and the beach is her happy place.

We are Hiring

We are always on the look out for the right person to join our team, contact us to have a chat.